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Xbox Store Sale July 28 – Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale


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Tasmania, Australia

Xbox gamers, the latest Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale is now live! Check out the Xbox Store sale July 28 discounted games complete with links below.

Xbox Store Sale July 28 – Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale:
Xbox One
911 Operator$8.99£7.49€8.99AU $13.47$11.39Spotlight
Adam’s Venture: Origins$1.49£1.19€1.49AU $2.19$1.99Spotlight
ADIOS Amigos$3.74£3.12€3.74AU $5.61$4.74Spotlight
Agatha Knife$5.99£4.79€5.99$5.99Deal With Gold
Airport Simulator 2019$14.99£11.99€14.99AU $19.97$14.99Spotlight
Beholder 2$10.04£8.36€10.04AU $15.04$12.72Spotlight
Big Pharma$14.99£12.49€14.99AU $22.47$19.49Spotlight
Bridge Constructor Portal$7.49£5.99€7.49AU $9.97$7.49Spotlight
Bus Simulator$27.99£24.49€27.99AU $41.96$36.39Spotlight
Cannon Brawl$3.99£3.19€3.99$3.99Spotlight
Car Mechanic Simulator$17.99£14.99€17.99AU $26.97$23.39Spotlight
Chess Ultra$4.99£3.99€4.99AU $6.64$4.99Spotlight
Cities: Skylines$9.99£7.99€9.99AU $13.11$9.99Spotlight
Construction Simulator 2$7.49£5.99€7.49AU $9.97$7.49Spotlight
Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike$11.24£9.36€11.24AU $16.83$14.24Spotlight
Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure$1.49£1.19€1.49AU $2.24$1.49Spotlight
Disintegration$29.99£23.99€29.99$40.19Deal With Gold
Driving Essentials$22.49£18.74€22.49AU $33.71$29.24Spotlight
Eternum EX$5.19£4.29€5.19AU $7.78$6.79Deal With Gold
FAR: Lone Sails$8.99£7.49€8.99AU $13.47$11.39Spotlight
Farm Together$13.99£11.71€13.99AU $20.96$18.19Spotlight
Farming Simulator 19$19.99£17.49€19.99$26.99Deal With Gold
Farming Simulator 19 – Platinum Edition$29.99£26.99€29.99AU $41.97$40.19Deal With Gold
Farming Simulator 19 – Premium Edition$53.59£43.54€53.59AU $77.01$71.68Deal With Gold
Fighter Within$4.99£3.99€4.99AU $7.48$6.24Deal With Gold
Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour$9.99£7.99€9.99AU $12.34$13.39Spotlight
Fishing: Barents Sea$22.49£18.74€22.49AU $33.71$29.24Spotlight
Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China$9.49£7.59€9.49AU $12.77$9.49Spotlight
FOR HONOR : MARCHING FIRE EDITION$12.49£9.99€12.49AU $17.48$17.49Deal With Gold
For Honor® Complete Edition$24.99£21.24€24.99AU $36.30$32.49Spotlight
FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition$5.99£4.99€5.99AU $9.99$7.99Spotlight
FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition: • For Honor – Marching Fire Expansion$8.99£8.24€9.89AU $14.83$11.99Deal With Gold
FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition: • For Honor Year 3 Pass$8.99£8.24€9.89AU $14.83$11.99Spotlight
FOR HONOR™ YEAR 1 : HEROES BUNDLE$8.99£8.24€9.89AU $14.83$11.99Deal With Gold
Ginger: Beyond The Crystal$7.99£6.39€7.99AU $10.78$7.99Spotlight
Gnomes Garden: New Home$2.49£1.99€2.49$2.49Spotlight
Gorogoa$7.49£5.99€7.49AU $9.97$7.49Deal With Gold
Grab the Bottle$1.49£1.19€1.49AU $2.23$1.49Spotlight
Grass Cutter – Mutated Lawns$3.49£2.89€3.49AU $5.22$4.49Spotlight
Graveyard Keeper$7.99£6.39€7.99AU $10.78$7.99Spotlight
Grow Up$3.99£3.19€3.99AU $5.98$3.99Deal With Gold
House Flipper$22.49£18.74€22.49AU $33.71$29.24Spotlight
Hungry Shark World$4.99£3.99€4.99AU $7.47$6.74Deal With Gold
Hyper Sentinel$2.99£2.39€2.99AU $3.99$2.99Deal With Gold
Hyperdrive Massacre$2.99£2.39€2.99$2.99Spotlight
INDIE BUNDLE: Shiness and Seasons after Fall$3.74£2.99€3.74AU $5.61$4.99Deal With Gold
Jalopy$11.24£9.36€11.24AU $16.83$14.24Spotlight
Kingdom Treasury Collection$17.99£14.39€17.99AU $23.97$17.99Spotlight
Madden NFL 20$11.99£11.99€13.99AU $19.99$15.99Spotlight
Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Superstar Edition$19.99£17.99€19.99AU $26.04$25.99Spotlight
Madden NFL 20: Superstar Edition$15.99£15.99€17.99AU $23.94$19.99Spotlight
Megaquarium$14.39£11.99€14.39AU $21.57$18.59Spotlight
Megaton Rainfall$5.59£4.63€5.59AU $8.38$7.34Spotlight
MotoGP 17$4.99£6.24€7.49AU $9.98$7.49Spotlight
Mount & Blade – Warband$4.99£3.99€4.99$4.99Deal With Gold
MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame$5.99£6.99€7.99AU $10.99$7.99Spotlight
NBA 2K20 Digital Deluxe$23.99£22.49€25.49AU $38.98$29.99Deal With Gold
NBA 2K20 Legend Edition$24.99£21.24€24.99AU $37.48$29.99Deal With Gold
Nightmare Boy$5.19£4.15€5.19AU $6.90$5.19Spotlight
Oh…Sir! Slightly Insulting Bundle$2.99£2.49€2.99$2.99Spotlight
Outer Wilds$14.99£12.59€14.99AU $22.47$19.19Spotlight
PC Building Simulator$11.99£8.99€10.79AU $16.17$13.79Spotlight
Punch Club$4.99£3.99€4.99AU $7.47$4.99Spotlight
Pure Pool$3.99£3.19€3.99AU $5.38$3.99Spotlight
RABBIDS INVASION – GOLD EDITION$17.49£4.79€8.99AU $11.98$22.49Deal With Gold
Rabbids Invasion : The Interactive TV Show$4.99£3.99€4.99AU $7.48$9.99Deal With Gold
Rayman Legends$4.99£5.99€7.49AU $9.98$7.49Deal With Gold
Redout: Lightspeed Edition$19.99£15.99€19.99AU $26.22$19.99Spotlight
Redout: Lightspeed Edition: • Redout – Back to Earth Pack$4.99£3.99€4.99AU $6.72$4.99Spotlight
Redout: Lightspeed Edition: • Redout – Mars Pack$3.49£2.79€3.49AU $4.67$3.49Spotlight
Redout: Lightspeed Edition: • Redout – Space Exploration Pack$4.99£3.99€4.99AU $6.72$4.99Spotlight
Screencheat$4.49£3.59€4.49AU $5.98$4.49Spotlight
Shape Up$9.99£7.99€9.99AU $14.97$12.49Deal With Gold
Shape Up Gold Edition$8.99£12.24€15.74AU $22.73$10.99Deal With Gold
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: • Civilization VI Expansion Bundle$32.49£21.44€25.99AU $38.96$43.54Deal With Gold
SIMULACRA$8.39£6.99€8.39AU $12.56$10.49Spotlight
Sky Rogue$14.99£12.55€14.99AU $22.46$19.49Deal With Gold
Slime Rancher$7.99£6.39€7.99AU $10.78$7.99Spotlight
Snooker 19$13.99£11.99€14.39AU $21.58$18.39Spotlight
Solo: Islands of the Heart$9.99£7.49€9.99AU $13.47$11.49Deal With Gold
Starpoint Gemini 2$10.49£8.39€10.49$10.49Spotlight
State of Mind$7.99£6.39€7.99AU $10.49$7.99Spotlight
Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition$13.39£11.21€13.39AU $20.06$17.41Deal With Gold
SuperMash$9.99£8.37€9.99AU $14.97$12.99Spotlight
Surf World Series$10.49£8.39€10.49AU $13.96$10.49Spotlight
Surviving Mars$9.89£7.91€9.89AU $13.18$9.89Spotlight
The Count Lucanor$3.74£2.49€2.99AU $4.48$3.74Deal With Gold
The Journey Down Trilogy$19.99£15.99€19.99$19.99Spotlight
The Walking Dead: Season Two$3.74£2.99€3.74AU $5.68$3.74Deal With Gold
Thief Simulator$14.99£12.55€14.99AU $22.46$19.49Spotlight
Tracks – The Train Set Game$14.99£12.55€14.99AU $22.46$19.49Spotlight
Train Sim World® 2020 Collector’s Edition$32.99£28.79€32.99AU $49.47$44.39Spotlight
Transference$6.24£4.99€6.24AU $9.50$8.74Deal With Gold
Trials Fusion$4.99£3.99€4.99AU $7.48$4.99Deal With Gold
Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition$9.99£6.24€9.99AU $14.98$9.99Deal With Gold
Trials of the Blood Dragon$4.94£3.95€4.78AU $7.24$4.94Deal With Gold
Ultimate Fishing Simulator$22.49£18.74€22.49AU $33.71$29.24Spotlight
Valiant Hearts: The Great War$4.49£3.59€4.49AU $5.98$4.49Deal With Gold
Vosaria: Lair of the Forgotten$1.99£1.67€1.99AU $2.99$2.55Deal With Gold
Warhammer Bundle: Mordheim and Blood Bowl 2$7.49£6.24€7.49AU $11.23$9.99Deal With Gold
Where the Bees Make Honey$0.99£0.83€0.99AU $1.49$1.27Spotlight
Worms Battlegrounds + Worms W.M.D$8.74£7.49€8.74AU $13.11$11.24Deal With Gold
Yakuza Kiwami$14.99£11.24€14.99AU $18.71$22.49Deal With Gold

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