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Xbox Live Xbox Game Pass – Microsoft Teases Six More Game Announcements


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Tasmania, Australia

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service has been expanding consistently since it launched in 2017. That trend continues tomorrow as the official Twitter for Xbox Game Pass is teasing six more game announcements. Your guess is as good as ours to what those can be.

Keep in mind that these would likely be different from the titles showcased during the ID@Xbox Game Pass stream. Microsoft confirmed that titles like Killer Queen Black, Void Bastards, Afterparty, The Good Life and more would be launching on Game Pass along with their regular releases. Unfortunately, it didn’t indicate when those titles could be coming (except for Operencia: The Stolen Sun, which is out now).

Still, Xbox Game Pass continues to offer quite the bang for one’s buck. Along with offering Xbox One exclusives, that too on the same day as their full price releases, Game Pass has been good for catching titles like Ashen and Below. Reports also indicate that an Xbox Live Ultimate is in the works to offer both Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for one price.


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