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Countdown to E3 2018

Countdown to one of the biggest game event(s) of the Year!
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World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth’s First Warfront is Stromgarde Keep, New Details Revealed


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Tasmania, Australia

Each faction takes turns launching Warfronts and holding zones, reaping rewards in the process.

World of Warcraft’s next major expansion will be Battle for Azeroth, releasing on August 14th. One of the newest features it incorporates is Warfronts, a 20 player PvE mission that works a lot like an RTS. Speaking to Polygon, game director Ion Hazzikostas has offered some new information on how Warfronts work.

Essentially the activity takes inspiration from Warcraft 3 and sees players controlling characters that like heroes. The first proper Warfront is Stromgarde Keep in the Arathi Highlands, which many will recognize as a Vanilla WoWzone. Each faction will take turns holding the Warfront – at launch, it will be the Alliance and once the Horde had amassed enough resources, their Warfront is next. Once the Alliance gathers enough supplies, the process will repeat.

Warfronts will be available for one week at a time (with the zone moving back and forth between the factions) and unlike a PvP activity, there is no failure state – launching the activity is good enough. Essentially you would gather supplies and give them to specific buildings, which last for a few days and host different activities. Once a building is destroyed, it will take time to rebuild.

Interestingly, the rewards for Warfronts and holding the zone haven’t exactly been outlined. It could be that faction-only World Quests will be available in the zone during the time it’s held by a specific faction.


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