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Vane Is An Indie Game Evocative of The Last Guardian, Coming to PS4 This Month


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Tasmania, Australia

The graphically striking and stunning game sets out to evoke all sorts of emotions for its players.

Evoking the spirit and soul of Fumito Ueda’s gorgeous The Last Guardian (itself a PS4 exclusive), Vane, an indie game by Friend and Foe AB, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 exclusively on January 15. The game sees a bird transformed into a young boy, and set out on a journey through the desert to try to restore its form.

The game intends to be an emotionally evocative experience—something that is immediately apparent when you view its trailer. Much like GRIS, which launched on PC and Nintendo Switch last month, it seems to be trying to handle abstract concepts via its gorgeous visuals and minimalistic gameplay. Based on the feelings that are elicited by the snippets of it we get to see, it seems like this is something the game will end up being successful at

If you need to see the game in action, you can check out a trailer for the game, which can also be viewed on its PS Store page, for yourself below courtesy of Gematsu.


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