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Upcoming For Honor Patch 1.18 Hits Hard With Hero Improvements and Bug Fixes


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Upcoming For Honor Patch 1.18 Hits Hard With Hero Improvements and Bug Fixes

Ubisoft is preparing to deploy a new For Honor update, which is overflowing with hero improvements, bug fixes, and more. It’s set to roll out on January 18.

Take a look at the extensive list of patch notes below:


All Heroes

[Bug Fix] We fixed multiple instances of soft feints and flickers regarding attacks, guardbreaks and dodges when playing within 100 ms latency.

Developer Comments: We hope that by removing the ability to soft feint consistently, these cases will not be exploitable anymore. The outcome being dependent on the latency between you and your target.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that allowed players, on an extremely short reaction window, to dodge out of certain death situations when thrown off ledges. This issue only occurred on specific ledges.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where players would effectively miss their “Drop Attack” when opponent is unbalanced.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the throw to interrupt the player that performed it. The throw can still interrupt other players in its path.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that allowed player to feint a guardbreak by quickly performing heavy attack after blocking the opponent.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused a conflict in between trying to activate an interactive object while a teammate is reviveable in the interaction area.


[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that could make the “Zone Attack” very hard to block while feinted during Revenge.


[Improvement] Reduced the tracking of the Conqueror’s “Sprint Attack”.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a clipping issue for the “Garrot” Execution while performed by a female Conqueror.


[Improvement] Reduced the tracking of the Lawbringer’s “Impaling Charge”.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Lawbringer’s target to not fall off ledges if he is hit by an external Shove during the “Impaling Charge” or “Impaling Riposte”.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the opponent body to fly in air when executed with the “Long Shot” execution.


[Improvement] Reduced the tracking of the Warlord’s “Sprint Attack” and “Jump Attack”.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the Warlord’s “Auto-Revive” feat after being killed in the ballista.


[Improvement] Valkyrie’s “Shield Charge” can now be cancelled by going out of lock.


[Improvement] The Stun of the “Headbutt” will now correctly be affected by “Debuff Resistance” gear.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused “Crashing Thunder” not to be interrupted by the Aramusha’s “Blade Blockade” or any other that move that offers Uninterruptible Stance.


[Improvement] Orochi “Storm Rush” can now be cancelled by going out of lock.


[Improvement] After any hit, the Shinobi did not reinitialize his charge when Heavy Attack is still held. Now the charge of the Shinobi works (in term of input) like the charge of the Conqueror for example.

[Improvement] Shinobi is now vulnerable to guardbreak during the last 400ms (from 200 ms) of the “Front Roll Kick” Recovery.

[Improvement] Shinobi could perform “Sickle Rain” combo on an ally. This is now fixed.

[Improvement] When you perform a “Tackle” then lock your target just before the impact, your target was interrupted instead of unbalanced. This is now fixed.

[Improvement] Reduced the tracking of the Shinobi’s “Tackle”.

[Bug Fix] Shinobi was able to use his “Super Sprint” without consuming stamina for a short period of time. This is now fixed.

[Bug Fix] Updated the “Super Sprint” animation on the Shinobi, fixed some animation issues going from “Sprint” to “Super Sprint” while climbing stairs.


[Improvement] Reduced the tracking of the Centurion’s “Eagle’s Fury” and “Eagle’s Talon”.

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused soldiers to interrupt the Centurion while he was using “Out of Lock” attacks on Minions.

[Bug Fix] The Centurion could soft feint a guardbreak into a “Fuscina Ictus”. This is now fixed.

[Bug Fix] The Centurion “Charged Jab” move did not knock down the opponents. This is now fixed.

[Bug Fix] Added a missing sound effect when the Centurion pulls his sword out during a finish kill and does not perform an execution.


[Improvement] Reduced the tracking of the Gladiator’s “Sprint Attack” and “Crowd Pleaser”.

[Bug Fix] When the opponent dodged the “Bamboozle” too early, the punch would hit the opponent without contact. This is now fixed.

[Bug Fix] Added a missing sound effect for the Highlander’s “Fomorian Kick”.


[Improvement] Removed Uninterruptible Stance property from the first 100ms of “Predator’s Mercy”. “Predator’s Mercy” will now be properly interrupted if another player hits the victim within 100ms of Predator’s Mercy hitting.

[Improvement] Opponent who stands up after “Predator’s Mercy” can now activate Revenge 300 earlier after being bitten, and 500ms earlier when standing up from an external Hit.

[Improvement] A Shaman who is hit at the very end of the stand-up of “Predator’s Mercy” (after the Bite) will now play a regular hit reaction, rather than the special hit animation that we used when she has yet to stand up.

[Bug Fix] ”Predator’s Mercy” Bite no longer counts as a “Light” in the list of previous hits shown in the “Killer Info”.

[Bug Fix] Can no longer perform “Predator’s Mercy” on an opponent who just died.

[Bug Fix] Fixed the “Predator’s Mercy” incorrectly affecting the snapping while the opponent is bleeding.

[Bug Fix] When Out Of Stamina, Shaman can no longer Dodge or guardbreak out of a Heavy Finisher.

[Bug Fix] Priority of cancels from Heavy Finisher to Dodge and guardbreak has been swapped. Now, guardbreak is higher priority than dodge – this should reduce the flicker of the icon.

[Bug Fix] Fixing an animation bug that occurred while feinting the Shaman’s heavy pounce attacks.

[Bug Fix] Shaman’s ”Woosh” sound effect continued after cancelling the second heavy. This is now fixed.


[Improvement] Increased the damage of “Fury Unleashed” to 30 (from 25).

[Improvement] Adding Uninterruptible Stance property to Fury Unleashed.

[Improvement] Increased the damage of “Twin Vipers” to 40 (from 35).

[Improvement] Increased the damage of “Ring the Bell” to 15 (from 10).

[Improvement] Increased the Stamina damage of “Ring the Bell” to 20 (from 10).

[Improvement] Increased the damage of the Basic Side Heavy Attack to 30 (from 25).

[Improvement] Reduced the start up of the Basic Top Heavy strike to 600ms (from 700ms).

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that prevented Aramusha from becoming unbalanced when an opponent in “Revenge” parries his “Twin Vipers”.

[Bug Fix] The Aramusha could be guardbroken out of a right side light attack. This is now fixed.


Viking Village

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issues that caused the “Barrel Trap” to not execute the Shaman and the Aramusha.

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