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Also available on Game Pass today: Just Cause 3.

As Microsoft puts more and more emphasis on Xbox Game Pass, the library and catalog of games available for subscribers continues to grow. And there are some great new games available on the service now, too, with another fantastic one having been added today.

That new game is Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, still considered by fans and the fighting game community to be the apex of Capcom and Marvel’s crossover fighting game series (especially after the disappointment of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite). The game is accompanied by Just Cause 3, which also joins the roster of games available on the service, and continues the fantastic streak Game Pass has displayed in January (earlier this month, Life is Strange 2 got added to the service).

Whether or not this appearance on Game Pass gives the game a new lease of life remains to be seen, but I really hope so. Marvel vs Capcom 4 may or may not happen any time soon, but while we wait, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 more than fits the bill.


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