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Trails of Cold Steel 4 Trailer Highlights Returning Classic Characters


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Tasmania, Australia

Any game falling within the larger The Legend of Heroes franchise, builds off of the massive amounts of story, characters, and development of all previous games, and even though Trails of Cold Steel is its own sub-series within that saga, previous Trails games pretty much come as required reading. With Trails of Cold Steel 4 being the last game in this saga, it’s going to tie up plenty of lose ends, which means characters and plot points from past Trails sagas are going to have quite a bit of role to play.

A new trailer released for the game gives a glimpse of just that, focusing on classic characters that will be showing in Trails of Cold Steel 4, with the trailer showing familiar faces from Trails in the Sky and Zero no Kiseki/Ao no Kisek. The likes of Estelle Bright, Renne, Tita Russel, Elie MacDowell, Lloyd Bannings, and many more are shown in the trailer. Check it out below.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4 will be releasing in the west for PS4 on October 27, 2020. Nintendo Switch and PC versions will also be coming in 2021.


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