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PSN Titanfall 2 Headlines December’s PS+ Games


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Tasmania, Australia

The quality of Sony’s monthly free PS+ offerings has definitely gone up ever since they dropped support for PS3 and PS Vita—which it better have, given that we now only get 2 games a month versus the 6 we used to. And this month sees one of the biggest games Sony has given away on PS+ yet—Titanfall 2.

EA and Respawn’s fantastic shooter, which has arguably the best campaign for an FPS this generation, will be available for PS+ subscribers in December. We cannot recommend that you play this game enough, if you haven’t already. Titanfall 2 is magnificent, and it pains me that Apex Legends’ success means we may not see a proper follow-up any time soon.

The other game is Monster Energy Supercross — The Official Videogame


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