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The Surge 2 – Public Enemy Weapon Pack Now Available


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Tasmania, Australia

Deck 13’s The Surge 2 has received some new DLC today in the form of the Public Enemy Weapon Pack. Retailing for $4.99 standalone, this pack contains 13 new weapons across eight different types. You can also get it as part of the Season Pass which costs $19.99 (and includes an exclusive weapon, the BORAX-I Quantum).

What kind of weapons can you expect with this pack? There are punching gloves called Codename: Zarathrustra and a new sword, the Strongarm Twinblade. What’s interesting about these weapons is that you must liberate them from their owners first. This offers a nice little side-activity as you seek out each weapon.

Even more DLC will be coming in the next few months. December will see new Exo-Rig sets added to the game while January 2020 will feature The Kraken. The latter is a story-based DLC which features a new location, new enemies and new bosses to conquer.

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