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The Last Story 2 Listed for Nintendo Switch by Retailer


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Tasmania, Australia

Do you remember The Last Story? It was a Wii exclusive JRPG by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series. It was pretty great for what it was, but even as far as niche JRPGs on the Wii go, it was overshadowed by Xenoblade Chronicles (although it ended up doing pretty well for itself regardless).

However, it seems like a sequel to it might be on the way, at least if this listing for the game on German retailer MediaMarkt’s website (via Reddit) is to be believed. The listing is blank apart from the name, and even the box art is a placeholder, which does suggest that this could just be a mistake. On the other hand, it could at least suggest that The Last Story may be remastered for the Switch, a prospect I am sure many fans would be excited with.

Or, of course, the most unlikely but exciting scenario is that The Last Story 2 is actually coming to Switch.


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