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The End Is Nigh And ABZU Free Now On Epic Games Store


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Last week’s Epic Games Store offerings showed two very different sides to a similar coin with two very distinct types of platformers. Interestingly, we see a similar situation this week with two games that have some similarities with The End is Nigh and ABZU, but with vastly different presentations.

The End is Nigh is a platformer where you must take a sentient clump of ash and go through a variety of different post-apocalyptic levels in a grim world. With muted colors, the game sets a sad and melancholy tone as you play through over 600 levels and 12 chapters.

ABZU takes us in the opposite direction with a beautiful and vibrant art style. You play out your fantasy as a deep sea diver as you slowly explore the ocean and all its many wonders below. You’ll examine hundreds of real life sea based species.

It’s a tale of two very different games this week, and both The End is Nigh and ABZU will be available for free on the Epic Games Store until September 12th. After that, Conarium will be the next offering.

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