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The Division 2: Warlords of New York Details – Increased Level Cap, Infinite Progression, Seasons and More


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Tasmania, Australia

Out of (almost) nowhere, Ubisoft Massive announced the first paid expansion for The Division 2. It’s called Warlords of New York and sees players returning to the Lower Manhattan to eliminate Rogue agent Aaron Keener. Along with changes to locales, new items and new gear, the expansion will also introduce several new gameplay additions.

As the gameplay trailer below showcases, players will receive new items upon taking down the new Warlords. These include Shock Traps and the returning Sticky Bomb. The level cap has gone from 30 to 40 and there’s now a Paragon-like “infinite progression” system for players to rank up and claim rewards from.

Several changes are being made to the UI and inventory management with lots of streamlining. The recalibration is also receiving some great changes, like extracting certain perks from looted items to apply to future gear. Dark Zones are being changed and going back to traditional PvP while also rewarding players who partake in fights.

Finally, there are Seasons, three-month long events that offer new rewards, a Seasonal Manhunt, challenges and the return of Global Events. Players can purchase different Season Passes, earning additional rewards through the premium track (with a free track also available). The Division 2: Episode 3 – Coney Island: The Hunt will start tomorrow for Year 1 Pass holders (February 19th for others) and serve as a prologue for Warlords of New York. The expansion itself is out on March 3rd.


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