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The Day Before Gameplay Debuts – Driving, Combat, and More Revealed


Fntastic’s upcoming survival MMO The Day Before received its first gameplay footage via IGN. Roughly 13 minutes were showcased, from driving around and scrounging materials to repair one’s vehicle to combat and battling the infected. Check it out below.

Set in a post-pandemic United States, The Day Before sees players venturing the world to find out what happened and gather resources to survive. Though the footage showcases more open fields and roads, there will also be skyscrapers and cities to explore. The infected are fairly straightforward thus far, rushing at the player and able to be dispatched with a single headshot.

The Day Before is currently in development for PC and slated to launch in Q2 2021. Whether it’s coming to other platforms is unknown but Fntastic is looking into Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions.


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