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Steam Winter Sale is Now Live, Ends January 2nd 2020


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Tasmania, Australia

If your wallet is still recovering from the recent Steam Autumn Sale, then good news: As leaked and then confirmed by Valve in a tweet, the Steam Winter Sale is now available. Hundreds of games have been discounted with the sale ending on January 2nd 2020.

The best part about the sale is that several games that previously weren’t discounted – like the Final Fantasy series – are now on sale. With Final Fantasy 7 Remake out in the coming months, it wouldn’t be a bad time to pick up the original game for 50 percent off. Other titles like Final Fantasy 8, both the original and Remastered version, have also been discounted.

Of course, there are plenty of other franchises that have seen discounts from BioShock and Dark Souls to Doom and Darksiders. It might be best to wait over the next few hours for the store’s traffic to calm down before making any purchases. Stay tuned for more details on other Winter sales coming up.

See more bargains here.

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