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Steam Deck Features “Fast Suspend/Resume”, Works Similar To Quick Resume


Valve's Steam Deck comes with a number of great features that should put in on par with modern hardware.​

The long-rumored Steam Pal has finally been revealed, and is being called the Steam Deck. The handheld features great specs for its price, and also seems to have some great quality-of-life features that should put it in par with modern hardware – to an extent, of course.

The most interesting feature seems to be Fast Suspend/Resume, which will supposedly pause the game and put the handheld into sleep mode. Once its powered back on, you are put right where you left off. There’s also a USB-C jack that can be used to hook the handheld to an external display. There will also be an official dock, though details remain sparse on that front.

The Steam Deck’s 40 Wh battery is touted to last upto 7-8 hours, depending on the usage of course. There’s also full keyboard mouse support, and the Steam Deck claims to be compatible with all PC software. The Steam Deck starts shipping December 2021 to select regions, starting at $399.

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