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Star Wars: Squadrons Guide – How to Divert Power and All Mission Medals


It’s not quite like the space combat titles of yore but EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons presents a pretty good X-Wing and TIE Fighter experience overall. Key among its mechanics is the ability to divert power. This allows you to send power to specific parts of the ship when needed.

When starting out, your ship will have a Balanced power set-up, which means every component is receiving an equal amount of power. Diverting power to the engine is done by pressing Left on the D-Pad or “1” on PC. This allows for increased speed and when completely maxed, it will charge the ability to speed boost. Diverting power to weapons is done by pressing Up on the D-Pad or “2” on PC. This increases blaster recharge speed and allows for building up an overcharge ability.

To divert power to shields, press Right on the D-Pad or “3” on PC. Along with increasing the recharge speed of shields, it also helps build up the overshield ability. Press Down on the D-Pad or “4” to return to a Balanced power set-up.

Power should be diverted based on one’s situation. When damaged, for instance, it’s a better idea to divert power to the engine instead of shields to get away quickly. When you’ve got the drop on an enemy, get them weak first and then divert power to weapons to finish them off. Managing these systems is the key to victory.

All Mission Medals

Each mission in the single-player campaign has a set of medals to earn. While they’re not tied to unlocking components or currency, they do contribute to unlocking Trophies and Achievements. Check out the videos below for tips on earning all of the medals in the campaign.


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