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Star Citizen New Trailer Shows Off Some Gameplay

Discussion in 'PC' started by Heaven__, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Heaven__

    Heaven__ Administrator Staff Member

    Star Citizen New Trailer Shows Off Some Gameplay
    There is a new cinematic video too.


    When Star Citizen finally releases is something that is still up in the air, but till such time that happens, we are following its development eagerly and with bated breath. To keep us clued into how that is going, Cloud Imperium Games’ Chris Roberts today shared two new videos- a cinematic trailer, as well as a video showing some gameplay footage.

    Both videos actually focus on abandoned and derelict spaceships- apparently we can board them and explore them in the final game, which is good to hear. We also get a minor update on the development, but don’t expect any major news from this video regarding, say, the release date, or anything like that.

    You can check out both of the videos for yourself below. Star Citizen is due out exclusively on the PC at some point, though it won’t be a traditional game as much as it will be a persistent universe that releases as interacting modules.


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