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Sony Will Drop The Price of PS4 PRO This E3 If Xbox Scorpio Is Priced At $399 – Michael Pachter

Discussion in 'Playstation News' started by Heaven__, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Heaven__

    Heaven__ Administrator Staff Member

    Sony Will Drop The Price of PS4 PRO This E3 If Xbox Scorpio Is Priced At $399 – Michael Pachter
    A rather sensible position to take.


    The PlayStation 4 Pro launched a full year ahead of Microsoft’s release of the Xbox Scorpio later this year. On the one hand, that means that Sony was unable to make the Pro as powerful as the Scorpio, because of costs and tech available. On the other, however, it means that Sony is in a position to cut the price of the Pro and undercut the Scorpio when it launches.

    Furthermore, Microsoft’s press conference at this year’s E3 is taking before Sony’s. Given that Microsoft will most likely announce a release date and price for the Scorpio at their conference, Sony will be in a position to react accordingly as far as cutting the PS4 Pro’s price is concerned. That is exactly what Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter thinks will happen at E3 this year.

    Speaking to GamingBolt, Pachter said that Microsoft prices the Scorpio at $399, Sony will respond by cutting the Pro’s price., “PS4 Pro’s price will drop if Xbox Scorpio is $399. If Scorpio is more expensive, [then Sony have] no reason to cut the Pro’s price.”

    I do think that a smaller price cut for the PS4 Pro may be guaranteed nonetheless. With that said, Pachter may be right, too- Pro is not the mass market mover, so Sony doesn’t have any reason to unnecessarily cut its profit margins from the hardware unless it has a compelling reason to.

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