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Sonic The Hedgehog To Get Early Home Video On Demand Release


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Tasmania, Australia

Who would have thought in this, the year 2020, that Sonic the Hedgehog would have had a live action film adaptation? And even more so, who would have thought it would have the highest grossing domestic box office of any video game adaptation ever? It sure was unexpected, and for those waiting for a home release (or being forced to self-isolate due to the current situation), you’re in for a treat.

As announced by Paramount Pictures, they will release the hit film for home video on demand at the end of this month. For comparison, the physical copies won’t come out until May 19th, so you’ll be able to grab this one digitally way earlier. This is part of a concentrated effort by several major film studios to release movies quickly to VOD because of the coronavirus pandemic ongoing that has forced many to stay home.

Sonic the Hedgehog was a surprise hit and a pretty solid little film. It’s worth checking out when it hits all major VOD services on March 31st.


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