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Shadow Warrior 3 – Update v1.01 is Live on Steam, Fixes Crashes and Optimizes Performance Across Levels


Many of the crashes reported by players should also be fixed while save data corruption should be gone, if not heavily reduced.​

The first post-launch update for Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior 3 is live on Steam, and aims to address bugs and other issues. Along with fixing specific problems – like Motoko’s Tanuki not running away when respawning in the cave level or the “too late ending” of the Raft level – it also addresses a number of audio issues.

The update also fixes several of the crashes that players have reported (though anyone who still faces the same should verify their game files after updating). Save data stability should also be improved with the issue having a much lower chance of occurring. Performance across various levels has also been optimized for a “smoother experience.”

Of course, this isn’t the end of support. Flying Wild Hog has more in store and even asked fans to follow its social platforms for “more information on future updates and plans.” It remains to be seen what new content or DLC could be planned so stay tuned. Shadow Warrior 3 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC – check out our review here for more details.

Shadow Warrior 3 v1.01 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed issue with the raccoon not running away in sequence at Motoko Cave level after respawn – The Raccoon will now run faster than ever!
  • Fixed too late ending of Raft sequence at Avalanche level which often caused the death of player –
  • We’ve seen a lot of players having issues with the raft, hopefully with this change done to it the raft will not cause any more headaches to the player base.
  • Fixed a bunch of audio issues
  • Fixed several crashes – A lot of the crashes reported have now been fixed in the new build, if you by any chance encounter crash after the update, please make sure to verify the game files
  • Improved save data stability – There should be no more corrupted save data, or at least the chance of such issue occurring has been put to a minimum.
  • Optimization across levels for a smoother experience
  • Various French localization fixes.

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