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Shadow Warrior 3 – Doomsday Device Level Revealed in New Trailer, Xbox One and PS4 Versions Confirmed


As part of IGN First’s coverage, Flying Wild Hog provided a new look at Shadow Warrior 3, its upcoming first person shooter. The Doomsday Device level is on display, showcasing various environmental hazards that can be triggered against enemies. It also showcases Gassy Obaryion, an enemy that can be executed for the gore weapon Double Trouble.

This allows protagonist Lo Wang to dual wield gatling guns and devastate foes. An ice grenade type of gore weapon was also briefly revealed, which allows for temporarily freezing foes. Overall, the arena kills look good even if there’s only one on display in this particular trailer.

Shadow Warrior 3 is currently slated to release this year. Along with PC, the developer confirmed that it’s coming to Xbox One and PS4 as well. A release window has yet to be provided but perhaps we’ll learn more at E3 2021 if Devolver Digital decides to host another Devolver Direct.


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