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Road 96 Releases August 16th for PC and Nintendo Switch


A prequel ebook, "Road 96: Prologue", can be purchased with the Hitchhiker bundle and takes place ten years before the base game.​

Procedural narrative adventure Road 96 will be out on August 16th for Nintendo Switch and PC (via Epic Games Store, GOG and Steam). It will retail for $19.96 but you can also pick up the Hitchhiker bundle for $29.91. This includes the OST and the ebook “Road 96: Prologue” which contains stories set 10 years before the main game. Check out the newest trailer below.

As for what Road 96 has to offer, it sees the player embarking on a road-trip. However, because of the game’s procedural nature and the choices made, every adventure is a completely different experience. You can meet different characters in different scenarios, become involved with them, run up against the Regime and much, much more.

For example, you’ll run into a taxi driver named Jarod who, depending on how much he’s angered, will try to kill you. This isn’t the end of the adventure, though it remains to be seen just how many unique experiences Road 96 has to offer.


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