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PS4/PS5 REVIEW Riders Republic Review


  • Game: Riders Republic
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Platform: Xbox One, Series X|S , PS4, PS5, PC
  • Release Date: October 27th 2021
  • Price: $59.99/£54.99/€69.99
  • Review Copy: PS5

What is Riders Republic?

Rider Republic is a new game from Ubisoft that lets you race against lot of other players online in many sports from freestyle mountain biking to downhill skiing and a type of glider/wingsuit combo amongst others variants of these with up to 50 players on this gen with last gen having something more like 25 users. Riders Republic is kind of like the crew but has multiple sports and has a hub of sorts that you can meet other players and make new friends. The large map shows the amount of users currently active in your server with sometimes too many icons all over the map. riders republic at it core is a big multiplayer sandbox you get to master various extreme sports on a gorgeous landscape of environments in an open-world setting.


First Impressions

When i first started playing Riders Republic and got to the Snowboarding/Skiing section of the introduction part at the beginning, it reminded of another ubisoft title called Steep which is a downhill skiing title which i played briefly and founbd it fun for the it'sd part but didn't jusat seem to have enough to keep me interested. I felt straight away that Riders republic was like an extension of Steep, and to be honest that's not a bad thing. Riders Republic has more replay value with it's multiple sport modes and the different challenges that comes with them. If i got bored of downhill biking i could attend other events like downhill skiing or gliding sround in the trusty normal wingsuit or step it up a notch and add rocket powered wingsuit events races which is fun for the most part.

The game also very colourful and has a lot going on in the background too with players just moving around the world and a somewhat story driven career similar to other familiar titles like forza horizon or ubisofts own the crew. It does a good job of sucking you into the world of the racing groups early in and does it in a such a light note way that its easy to just slip into it, which is a nice thing and not too flash throwing lots of things into your face for ages like some other titles.


Multiplayer - Fun with Friends!

Riders Republic combines 7 American parks (Bryce Canyon, Yosemite Valley, Sequoia Park, Zion, Canyonlands, Mammoth Mountain and Grand Teton) into a single open map so there are a lot of open space for exploration as well as many different events to take place in around the many parks. You can join friends in this events or just play solo against other Rider Republic players from around the world and also do various trail events like timed runs and there is a BMX mode that is exclusive to season pass owners at the time of this review so not sure how that will play out in-game but im sure new modes and tweaks will happen in Riders Republic life span with several seasons of content already mentioned like those below.


You can see other players floating around the world map, but not chat with them like in other titles. It's fun doing some open world platforming challenge and see other players doing it as well though. Or seeing groups of people rushing to the mass race starting point before a race/event starts. You can party up with other players and take on all the single-player races against each other, or there are multiplayer modes such as Free for all Racing and Trick Battle you can play together which can be great fun with friends but i found myself getting bored of some of these modes and moving on to others or changing events, but Riders Republic provides.

You can choose to ignore the single player events and just opt out or in to it at will so you can venture around the massive map solo or with friends which can be fun and a good way to learn the surroundings or just see the fantastic scenes all the parks in the open map. It should be noted that like other open world racer typer games, most other players appear as ghost like character when moving around the world but solid usually during a event or race which is a good thing when you dont want people crashing into each other around the hub or race areas.

Multiplayer PVP modes are scattered in the main hub. You just queue up for a 12 player race, wait for the queue to fill and then you're off to the races against live players. Same with the 64 player races and other events. These were sometimes hectic but fun specially when you had many cosmetically bright players all bunched together but Riders repubic does multiplayer right and it's great fun.

UI, Sound and Graphics

The graphics in Riders Republic are nothing groundbreaking but are just visually stunning enough to showcase the lush parks around riders republic large map. The Game Runs at 60 FPS with a Dynamic 4k resolution and barely skips a beat when skiing or cycling around the parks. The snow effects are great and not over the top and makes doing the tricks and snow events all that more pleasing. There is some clipping here and there and some popup but nothing that would take away from the game or your experience. While you're racing around in events on the map like downhill skiing you can use a feature called transformation which seamlessly changes you from say a skier to a downhill biker instantly which is an awesome feature and the transition is flawless and can be seen in the below YouTube video uploaded by Ozone.


  • Visually great
  • Good fun
  • Lots of events and modes
  • The world map is big.
  • tricks are great!

  • Some bugs at present
  • Control system can take a while to get used to.
  • Some repetitive events
  • Replay-ability is borderline.
  • Extreme sports model may not be for everyone.

Final Verdict

I must admit i was skeptical when i first seen the video of Riders Republic just before the beta landed and i got to play it before the official launch. I am in no means a extreme sports fan but Riders Republic doesn't need you to be either as it has lots of different fun events and races to do that are fun and even then you could skip the single player events or multiplayer and just mess about in the world and explore listening to the soundtrack of the game or turn it off and listen to music on Spotify or your music player of choice with background sound support and just mellow out and i found myself doing this a lot and it's great. If you enjoyed games like steep or even SSX or tony hawks or other sport related game then Riders Republic will definitely be for you and i will definitely be playing more myself.





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