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Report: Battlefield 5 New Game Mode “Invasion” Unearthed, Will Feature Base Building & Resources


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Tasmania, Australia

Remember when EA hinted that there will be “new ways to play” Battlefield 5? Well, it seems they weren’t kidding. Unearthed via the game files is a Battlefield 5 new game mode, but it’s not just any mode, but one where players can build bases, and more.

Called “Invasion,” this new mode will be 32v32, and will feature a Tank Factory (which will let you build tanks), an Airfield (which will give you the ability to build planes), a Radar Station (that lets players spot enemies), a Barracks (will let you spawn more troops), and a Naval Resources facility (that I assume will let you use sea vehicles).

Apparently, these bases can be destroyed, which will make for an intense back and forth between the two factions. Note that this is all from datamined info (via temporyal), and as such, this could be entirely different once launched, though I suspect it will be somewhat similar given how past datamines yielded accurate leaks.

This is definitely an interesting game mode given it seems to be a mix of first-person shooter elements, with real-time strategy (RTS) mechanics like Command & Conquer. Will the player base embrace it though? Given we’re at the end of 2019, I suspect this will be the first big content drop for 2020. Once we know more info about this, we’ll let our readers know.

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