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Rainbow Six Siege Year 5’s Season 1 Is Called Operation Void Edge


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Tasmania, Australia

Rainbow Six Siege was been one of the most consistently updated titles during this generation of console. It’s made people come back (and boy, they have come back in droves and droves), and it’s not even halfway done. The game’s newest year and Season is coming soon. Though Ubisoft has been uncharacteristically quiet about it this go around, we did get a nibble of a tease today.

As you can see from the official Twitter showing, the new season will be called Operation Void Edge. The Twitter tease shows little outside what appears to be something space related, such as a black hole or planet. Above the gif, it simply says, “Look into your darkness.”

There’s not been much said about this season or Year 5 in general. There’s been a few rumors about what will be there, but nothing official as of now. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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