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Rainbow Six Siege – New Containment Event Starts Today, Adds New PvP Mode


Battle the Archaean Proteans in the Consulate map as REACT agents and destroy their nest or take control of the aliens and stop them.​

Outbreak still hasn’t returned to Rainbow Six Siege but Ubisoft is adding something else for fans while teasing the world of Rainbow Six Extraction. Revealed via a new trailer, the Containment event sees REACT agents battling against Proteans, an Archaean form that can mimic Operators (but only fight with melee attacks). It introduces a new PvP mode that takes place in a revamped Consulate map. Check it out below.

Though Proteans can’t wield weapons, they can move very quickly, have more health and can use special abilities from Aruni and Oryx. The REACT agents have the regular loadouts but there’s a reduced selection overall. Nest Destruction is the new mode and requires the attackers to destroy the nest and reach the final objective to win while defenders must stop them.

Alternatively, either team can just eliminate the other and win the round. Containment offers new cosmetic items for IQ, Amaru, Zero, Aruni, Kaid, Mira and more which includes uniforms, weapon skins and headgear. These can be purchased from the shop in time-limited bundles for 1680 R6 Credits. However, one can also purchase Containment Packs for 300 R6 Credits or 12500 Renown if they feel like rolling the dice.

The Containment event will be available until August 24th. Rainbow Six Extraction, meanwhile, is slated to release in January 2022.


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