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Rain of Reflections – New Video Focuses on Hacking, Dialog Choices, Turn-Based Strategy, and More


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Tasmania, Australia

Lionbite Games have revealed the debut trailer for their upcoming adventure-RPG-strategy hybrid, Rain of Reflections. Set in a dystopian cyberpunk world with an intriguing aesthetic, Rain of Reflections is looking like a potentially exciting project, and it’s first video, which focuses on chapter 1 of the game, shows some pretty cool stuff.

Dialog choices and tactical turn based strategic combat seem to be two core pillars of how Rain of Reflections will play, and both aspects are shown off in the trailer. The combat especially is looking very interesting, and those who like turn based tactics in their combat might want to take a look. Hacking is another feature that seems to be central in Rain of Reflections, and it’s shown off quite a bit as well.

You can take a look at the trailer below. Rain of Reflections is being touted as a narrative driven single player experience, which, in addition to the role playing and strategy elements we’ve already discussed, will also feature point and click exploration. It’s looking like an interesting blend of mechanics, so I’m pretty curious to see how this develops.

Rain of Reflections is meant to be an episodic title. Three episodes have been announced for a release on PC, but release dates haven’t been provided for either of them yet.


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