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QuakeCon 2020 QuakeCon 2019: Watch The DOOM Eternal Reveal Here


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Tasmania, Australia

QuakeCon 2019 starts today and it’s kicking off with id Software’s DOOM Eternal. The hotly anticipated first person shooter will receive some new gameplay followed by a panel celebrating 25 years of the franchise. You can watch the keynote along with the reveal below starting from 9 AM PT today.

DOOM Eternal had its official gameplay reveal at last year’s QuakeCon, with Bethesda’s recent E3 presser showing even more. It was one of the sole highlights of the show and we also received more details on Battlemode, the new dedicated multiplayer mode. It pits two demons against the DOOM Slayer across three rounds to see who can win.

Releasing on November 22nd for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch, DOOM Eternal will also be coming to Google Stadia. Post-launch, players can expect two campaign DLCs via a Year 1 Pass to provide even more demon-slaying goodness. Stay tuned for more details from QuakeCon 2019 in the meantime.


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