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PS4 Update 5.0 Now Available For All, Patch Notes Released

Discussion in 'Playstation News' started by Heaven__, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Heaven__

    Heaven__ Administrator Staff Member

    PS4 Update 5.0 Now Available For All, Patch Notes Released
    Changes to Friends, notifications and much more have been added with this update.


    Update 5.0, PlayStation 4’s biggest update in a while, is finally available to all players and it carries a ton of functionality. It’s 375 MB and should begin downloading automatically as you switch on your PS4.

    The changes inherent in update 5.0 include the ability to stream in 1080p resolution and 60 FPS on PS4 Pro (if you have a good enough connection). The Friends list has also been updated with more functions like separating friends into different lists and being able to invite a certain group for playing by sending an invite. Favourite Groups has been replaced by this function.

    For PlayStation VR users will be able to see new messages and comments when broadcasting, and support for 5.1 channel and 7.1 channel virtual surround sound has also been added. Other new features include the Quick Menu being updated to let you check the progress of downloads, leave from parties and much more.

    Patch notes for update 5.0 have also been revealed and you can see the same below:

    PS4 Update 5.0 Patch Notes

    Main Features In Version 5.00 Update

    • You can now add users of your PS4 as family members. This makes it easy to manage your child’s account information and to restrict PS4 features. To add family members, select (Settings) > [Parental Controls/Family Management].
    • As the family manager, you can set up your family. Up to seven family members (including you) can be in your family and use online features. Multiple adults can be in your family. The family manager can make other adults in the family parents or guardians. The family manager and family members who are parents or guardians can adjust parental controls for the children in your family.
    • You can configure parental control settings for each child. Using parental controls, you can restrict use of online features and communication with other players, set restrictions for games, restrict use of the Internet browser, and set spending limits for PlayStation Store. You can configure parental controls anytime from your PC or smartphone.
    • You can now follow anyone, not just verified accounts. Select (Follow) on a person’s profile screen, and their activities and broadcasts will appear in [What’s New]. You automatically follow your Friends, but you have the option to unfollow them. Recommendations for who to follow are now offered based on the games you play. Select (Friends) > (Follow).
    • You can now choose who can follow you and who can see your follow list. Select (Settings) > [Account Management] > [Privacy Settings], and then configure each setting.
      (Custom Lists) has been added to (Friends). Create custom lists to easily organize your Friends and choose players to send messages or game invitations to.
    • For certain broadcasts, (Communities) now appears on the (Live from PlayStation) viewing screen. To access the broadcaster’s community, select (Communities).
    • You can now view (Notifications) on the quick menu.
    • The following languages have been added as system languages: Czech, Indonesian, Hungarian, Romanian, Vietnamese, Greek, Thai.
    • When broadcasting PlayStation VR gameplay, you can now see spectator comments on your VR headset screen.
    Other Features In Version 5.00

    • For (Messages), screen layout has been improved, and the following features have been added.
    • You can now receive music that has been shared with you as a message. Select the message to play the music.
    • Messages containing a URL now display a preview. The following features have been added to the quick menu: You can now select [Leave This Party] to leave the party. You can now see albums and playlists for songs playing in Spotify. A clock has been added.
    • The following features have been added to (Settings) > [Notifications]. You can now disable pop-up notifications during video playback. You can now choose the color of pop-up notifications. You can now choose to show or hide message details in notifications.
    • You can now choose to broadcast in 1080p (60 fps) when using Twitch on your PlayStation 4 Pro. You can now enjoy Blu-ray Disc and DVD content in virtual surround sound when you connect headphones to PlayStation VR.
  2. OP

    Heaven__ Administrator Staff Member

    Sony has also outlined a few other features that might not be visible from the get-go. Check out how you can sort “team tournaments” and follow anyone with the new PS4 firmware update.

    Team Tournaments

    Prepare to recruit the best players you know, because Team Tournaments on PS4 are almost here. With this new functionality, you’ll be able to compete against other teams for prizes and status.

    You can join or own up to a maximum of 60 different teams, and each team will have an owner and captain(s) who can manage the team. Only teams will be able to register for official Team Tournaments. Your team will have its own customizable team page where you can see team member information, and view upcoming and ongoing events that your team is currently registered for and competing in. In addition, you can easily check out your team’s results in past tournaments with a new bracket viewer that shows full tournament standings for Single and Double Elimination tournaments directly on PS4. Communicating and coordinating with your teammates is also simple via the integrated team chat feature.

    Team Tournament functionality will come shortly after the release of 5.00.

    Follow Anyone

    Before 5.00, you were only able to follow Verified Accounts, but now you can follow any user without having to be friends with them (subject to privacy settings). This allows you to follow content creators, game broadcasters, and other gamers in a community without having to dip into your friends list. And at the same time, this will allow these users to expand their reach and build more interest in what they’re doing. Your What’s New feed will be updated with the activities of the users you’re following, so you can easily keep up on what they’re up to. And under Friends, you’ll see a new Who to Follow section that will give you customized recommendations of who you can follow. The recommendations will be displayed in separate categories, such as Featured Verified Accounts, trending users, and suggestions based on games you’ve recently played.

    Messages Update

    We have one more feature to add to the list of updates coming to Messages on PS4. If you send a message that contains a link to a website, messages will now display a preview of the website, like headlines and thumbnails.


    Those away on their PS4s can download the file right here.

    In addition to the big PS4 update, some of the PlayStation apps are getting a refresh too! Here’s what’s new according to the messaging and communities apps straight from Sony.

    Not only that, but some of our apps are getting updates today too:

    • PlayStation Communities
      Following this update, you can switch the app into landscape mode when you flip your phone sideways, so you get a wider view of the app and it makes it easier to scroll through. In addition, you’re now able to view and post animated GIFs on community walls. We’re also adding the following languages to the app: Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese.
    • PlayStation Messages
      Stickers for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Horizon Zero Dawn are being added. And similar to the PS4’s Messages update, the PlayStation Messages app will also be updated to display previews of a website if you’vre sent received a link. And along with PS Communities,Support for Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese are being added to the app.

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