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PS Plus March 2018 Games Lineup Will Reportedly Be “Best Since the Start of PS Plus”


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Tasmania, Australia

When Sony launched the PS Plus subscription service, it was great; but over time, the quality of games offered every month to subscribers has declined, especially once PS Plus subscriptions became mandatory to play online on PS4 anyway. While things have started to pick up a bit again in the last year or so, on the whole, it’s not an exaggeration to say that as far as subscriber perks go, PS Plus’ best days feel like they are behind it.

But that may not be the case next month. Popular Spanish YouTuber Ampeterby7 had the chance to visit PlayStation Spain, and in a vlog covering the visit, he talks about how he also had the chance to talk about the upcoming PS Plus lineup for March; which, he teases, will be the best since the service started back on the PS3.

That may be a tall order, given just how great some of the better months for the service have been, but hey- we’ll find out in a couple of weeks anyway.


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