Pokemon Masters Out Now for iOS and Android


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The latest Pokemon title for mobile devices is finally here with Pokemon Masters. Developed and published by DeNA, the title is available now for iOS and Android via the Apple store and Google Play Store. Unlike Pokemon GO, Pokemon Masters is all about the battles as players form teams of famous trainers to fight across the island Pasio.

Battles are 3v3 and each trainer carries a single Pokemon. These sync pairs are then taken through a number of battles to collect gym badges and ultimately achieve the title of Pokemon Masters League champion. Another big difference from prior Pokemon titles is that battles are real-time with a gauge slowly filling throughout fights.

Depending on how much move gauge is needed, Pokemon trainers can unleash different techniques during battles. Will it achieve the same level of success as Pokemon GO, especially given the focus on story and battling AI foes? Time will tell. In meantime, a new mainline series of Pokemon titles is out this November with Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch.

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