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Your Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! have natures. Natures are, abstracted, a disposition they have—they can be cheery or gloomy, they can be irritable or friendly, and so on. However, the Nature of your Pokemon also has some very really considerations in terms of gameplay—you see, the Natures lead to tangible effects on your Pokemon’s Stat growth when they level up.


There are over two dozen Natures in Pokemon Let’s Go. Below, find a list of each Nature, as well as the stat they increase by 10% (listed first), and the stat they decrease by 10% (listed second).

  • Adamant: Attack, Special Attack
  • Bashful: Neutral (no stats affected)
  • Bold: Defense, Attack
  • Brave: Attack, Speed
  • Calm: Special Defense, Attack
  • Careful: Special Defense, Special Attack
  • Docile: Neutral (no stats affected)
  • Gentle: Special Defense, Defense
  • Hardy: Neutral (no stats affected)
  • Hasty: Speed, Defense
  • Impish: Defense, Special Attack
  • Jolly: Speed, Special Attack
  • Lax: Defense, Special Defense
  • Lonely: Attack, Defense
  • Mild: Special Attack, Defense
  • Modest: Special Attack, Attack
  • Naive: Speed Special, Defense
  • Naughty: Attack, Special Defense
  • Quiet: Special Attack, Speed
  • Quirky: Neutral (no stats affected)
  • Rash: Special Attack, Special Defense
  • Relaxed: Defense, Speed
  • Sassy: Special Defense, Speed
  • Serious: Neutral (no stats affected)
  • Timid: Speed, Attack

You can go to the Fortune Teller in Celadon City to have the Nature of a Pokemon changed to something more preferable for one day. She charges 10,000 Pokedollars, and the process is a bit convoluted, so let us walk you through it.

Essentially, what Nature the Pokemon will have comes down to what flower you water, and what flower you thin. Below, we have a list of what Natures you get for doing so. The first flower is water, the second is thin:

  • Green, Pink: Sassy
  • Pink, Yellow: Hasty
  • Blue, Green: Rash
  • Red, Pink: Brave
  • Yellow, Blue: Impish
  • Blue, Yellow: Mild
  • Yellow, Pink: Relaxed
  • Blue, Pink: Quiet
  • Blue, Red: Modest
  • Green, Red: Calm
  • Red, Yellow: Lonely
  • Pink, Green: Naive
  • Pink, Blue: Jolly
  • Blue, Blue: Bashful
  • Green, Blue: Careful
  • Red, Red: Hardy
  • Yellow, Yellow: Docile
  • Pink: Pink: Serious
  • Pink, Red: Timid
  • Red, Green: Naughty
  • Yellow, Green: Lax
  • Green, Yellow: Gentle
  • Yellow, Red: Bold
  • Green, Green: Quirky
  • Red, Blue: Adamant

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