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PlayStation Move Controllers Get Minor Update


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PlayStation Move Controllers Get Minor Update
Some minor updates to bring it more in line with the PS4 era.

While Sony repurposed them for the launch of the PlayStation VR headset, the fact remains that the PlayStation Move controllers go all the way back to 2010, when Sony launched them to cash in on the Wii craze for the PS3.

As such, the Move controllers that people own, or the ones that were being sold until recently had several odd holdovers from that era- they had a mini-USB port for charging (the same as the DualShock 3) instead of micro-USH (unlike the DualShock 4), and their branding was more in line with the branding Sony used to use for the PS3.

However, as Push Square reports, Sony has now pushed out a minor update for the PS Move controllers to rectify those issues (presumably because they have finally sold through their leftover stock from the PS3 era). The new PS Move controllers have a micro-USB port, they have branding more in line with the PS4’s, they have a more subdued finish, and they have a larger battery.

No changes made to their tracking capabilities- so this is not a PS Move 2. But that said, the micro-USB and bigger battery alone are substantial enough changes for many, I would wager.

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