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Planet Zoo is Now Available on Steam


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Tasmania, Australia

After Jurassic World Evolution, Frontier Developments returns to a more grounded management title with Planet Zoo. It’s available on Steam now for $44.99. Check out the launch trailer below which shows off the Chinese Pangolin, Giant Panda and the gondola attraction.

Planet Zoo, as the name indicates, is about managing your own zoo. To do this, you’ll have more than 70 animals at launch and six biomes. Different weather types and a day/night cycle will affect how your animals develop along with any potential issues that could arise. There are a variety of different modes from Franchise and Career to Challenge and Sandbox for players to explore.

You can also partake in Community Challenges on a weekly and monthly basis. Animals can be traded online in the Animal Market and there’s even sharing for zoo and habitat blueprints. If you’re keen on managing animals and handling all the maintenance, research and customization that comes with the job, then perhaps Planet Zoo is worth checking out.


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