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Phil Spencer: I’m Really Committed To Making Windows More Tailored To Gamers


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Xbox boss Phil Spencer is taking a bigger leadership role in the Windows gaming scene.

Before the advent of the Xbox (and for a few years afterward), Microsoft was huge in PC gaming, with properties such as Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, and Zoo Tycoon, to name just a few, being among the best and biggest games on the platforms. That dropped off significantly as Microsoft began to focus more on console gaming, but in the last few years, the tables have re-turned a bit.

With concerted efforts to improve the problematic Windows Store (now rebranded as the consolidated Microsoft store), incredibly convenient features like Play Anywhere, and the decision to release every major first party Microsoft title (or almost every title, at any rate) on both the Xbox and PC, Microsoft have taken steps in the last few years to have more of a presence in gaming on Windows.

According Phil Spencer, executive vice president of Microsoft’s gaming division, some of the biggest advancements and improvements Microsoft is looking to make in the future as far as video games are concerned is Windows, with Windows Store specifically being a point of focus.

“I think we’ve got a ton of work to do on Windows,” said Spencer at Microsoft’s recent X018 event (timestamped in the video below). “Windows is something I’m really committed to. I’ve heard the feedback about our store. I’m going to take a bigger leadership role on what’s going on with the Windows Store- make it really tailored towards the gamers that we know want to see the best from what we have to offer. And it’s going to be a fun journey.”

Spencer’s words definitely ring true. Yesterday, Microsoft also announced that they’ve acquired both Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment to add to their first party lineup, two studios that are known for making experiences tailor-made for PC audiences. In addition to that, huge upcoming games like Age of Empires 4 are also in the pipeline, so it definitely looks like PC gaming is something Microsoft is going to pay more attention to going forward.


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