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Payday 2 Free on Steam in Limited Quantities

Discussion in 'PC' started by Heaven__, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Heaven__

    Heaven__ Administrator Staff Member

    Payday 2 Free on Steam in Limited Quantities
    Only 5 million copies are available free.


    Overkill’s Payday 2 can be had for free on Steam but as always, there’s a catch. Though the game itself will remain with you forever, only 5 million copies are being offered for free. It’s “first come, first serve” so act quickly if you want your own copy.

    If you pick up Payday 2 on Steam, you’ll also receive Payday 2 VR when it releases completely free. Note that downloading the game for free will not grant you the various DLC that’s available.

    Instead, all the DLC will be packaged with the base game when Payday 2: Ultimate Edition releases on PC. All future updates for the game will be free so you don’t have to pick up the DLC if you don’t want to (though as with any multiplayer-focused title, it’s advised).

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