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Pathologic 2 Comes To Xbox One And Game Pass December 12th


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Tasmania, Australia

Pathologic 2 came out earlier in the year, and it was something that was somewhat hard to pin down. Somewhere between a full sequel to the original and a remake of it, the game included a very grueling difficulty curve that many people couldn’t take to. It seems it failed to really find its proper audience, but hopefully it’ll get a second chance with a console release and Game Pass.

It was announced that next month the game will finally come to the Xbox One. That version of the game was announced but hadn’t been talked about since the PC release. Not only will the game finally hit the Xbox, it’s also coming to both the Xbox One and PC Game Pass on that same date, meaning you can try the game out for a pretty low bar of entry now.

Pathologic 2 is available now for PC and will launch on Xbox One and Game Pass on December 12th.

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