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Overwatch: Storm Rising Story Trailer Features Chaos on Havana’s Streets


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Tasmania, Australia

Blizzard Entertainment has released an official trailer for Overwatch’s next big seasonal event Storm Rising. Part of the annual story-based Archives, Storm Rising sees Tracer, Winston, Genji and Mercy sent to Havana to intercept Maximilien, an important Talon member. Check out the trailer below.

It’s full of spiffy scenes like Winston knocking over cars in Primal Rage mode and Genji slicing fools a’plenty. We even get a little bit where Tracer rides a motorcycle to intercept Maximilian’s motor cavalcade. Interestingly, many of the same Talon troopers from Retribution are being reused as enemies. It remains to be seen if any new threats have been added.

Along with Storm Rising, this year’s Archives will feature many new cosmetics like emotes, sprays, highlight intros and Legendary skins. You can also expect previous years’ cosmetics to be available at discounted prices. Look for Storm Rising to go live tomorrow and last until May 6th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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