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No More FPS Boost Games Planned For “The Immediate Future,” Xbox Says


The director of project management at Xbox has revealed that there aren't any more planned FPS Boost titles in the making.​

In a recent interview in the Iron Lords podcast, Xbox’s director of project management Jason Ronald has revealed some new information about Microsoft’s plans for FPS Boost going forward. During the interview, Ronald revealed that Microsoft currently has no plans to bring FPS Boost to any more backwards compatible games in the near future. Check out the video below.

Ronald revealed that while the Xbox team is always looking at how to improve any older games for modern platforms, their current techniques have sadly reached their limitations. Applying those techniques to other games mostly causes game breaking bugs, and thus, the team cannot do much more with FPS Boost using its current techniques.

“We’re always looking at new ways that we can enhance titles, whether it’s resolution increases, frame rate improvements, things like Auto HDR,” he said (as transcribed by Pure Xbox). “I’ll say right now, with the existing technique that we have with FPS Boost, we’ve tried plenty more than [the 130 FPS Boosted titles] and in some cases the vast majority of the game works great, but then we find a game-breaking bug 80% of the way through.

“We’re going to continue to look for new opportunities and new ways that we can enhance titles, but we don’t have anything in the immediate future… Right now, I think we’re kind of finding where some of the limitations of our current technique is.”

Xbox also recently announced that due to a multitude of legal and technical issues, Xbox consoles will no longer receive any backwards compatible games moving forward. FPS Boost has turned out to become one of the best features of the Xbox ecosystem over the last year, and it’s honestly a bit of shame that fans will now have to keep expectations in check for yet another fan-favourite feature.


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