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Nintendo Wii U Receives First Firmware Update In Over A Year


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Tasmania, Australia

It looks like the Nintendo Switch has surpassed the Wii U in just about every way possible, and it has been a while since there’s been any notable releases on the Wii U. Well, there’s something to new to report about now, and it is that a new firmware update has been released for the platform.

This new update brings the version to 5.5.3, and brings improvements to the system’s stability, along with some minor changes to improve users’ experience. Granted, this is not saying much, and it’s likely that these changes aren’t very noticeable. After all, improvements to system stability is pretty much what all such updates usually say, unless they’re a major, major update, which the Wii U probably won’t receive anymore.

Still, it’s worth noting simply because this is the first update that has been released for the platform in over a year. It’s also of interest because there are no new games being released for the platform. Oh well, some extra stability never hurt anyone, so thanks Nintendo!

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