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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 6.00 Launches September 18


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Tasmania, Australia

Sony isn’t the only company that has launched its 6.00 update for its console; Nintendo has announced that the long rumoured Nintendo Switch update 6.00 will be releasing on September 18/19 (depending on where in the world you are), right before the Nintendo Switch Online service goes live.

From the leaks that have come regarding this update already, we know that it does not really include a whole lot of new user facing features—mostly it preps the system up for support for the upcoming service and its functionality, while adding four new profile icons (literally all of them Toad). So that’s fantastic.

Stuff like folders, themes, the ability to manually arrange your home screen, or any of that basic stuff is still not in. Look, I’m a fan of how quick and minimalist the Switch UI is, but this is some basic stuff that we could stand to have, and that I really hope Nintendo begins to add now.

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