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Nintendo Resetting Nintendo Switch Online 7 Day Free Trial


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Tasmania, Australia

We live in some trying times, no doubt. Between self-quarantine many are in to, well, just the pain of living in general, it’s not the best of times to be alive. There’s lots and lots of free stuff right now, at the very least, and even the big N seems to be making an effort to relieve some of this pressure of a world on decline.

Nintendo announced today that they will reset the free trial for Nintendo Switch Online. That means that even if you have utilized said free trial in the past, you can use it again. It’s only a week long trial, but during it you’ll have full access to all the classic NES and SNES games that encompasses the service as well the ability to play online and use cloud saves on select titles.

If you dig it, the service is still only $20 USD a year, so it’s not a terrible deal all things considered. Feel free to use that free trial again as of today.


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