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Nintendo Direct Announced for Tomorrow, September 6


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Tasmania, Australia

Covering Nintendo 3DS and Switch games.

It’s time to bring the hype, ladies and gentlemen, because Nintendo has announced a brand new Nintendo Direct broadcast. This broadcast is scheduled for tomorrow, September 6, and will be aired at 6pm ET/3pm PT, and midnight CEST.

The broadcast is supposed to be around 35 minutes long, and will cover upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Switch games. Curiously enough, Nintendo does not specify a time frame for upcoming games- they usually do specify a window for games that will be covered, so the implication here is that they may also talk about games coming further than just the next few months. At least early 2019 games being covered here is not out of the question (and would be in line with Nintendo’s past statements right after their E3 broadcast that they are going to announce more Switch games in the future).

You can catch the broadcast live here, using the embedded video below.


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