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Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have released a new trailer for New Pokemon Snap, announcing its release date. The Bandai Namco Studios-developed title is out on April 30th for Nintendo Switch. Check out all the curious Pokemon that can be photographed in the trailer below.

New Pokemon Snap has the player in the role of a photographer who works with Professor Mirror to snap shots of Pokemon in the Lental region. They’re all over the place, some in more sneaky locations than others, and one may have to use Fluffruit to draw them out. Professor Mirror will score photos, which goes towards completing one’s Photodex.

To help get around in the Lental region is the new self-driving NEO-ONE. It will take players through different paths as they focus on the photography part. Over time, you may discover the Illumina Phenomenon which makes Pokemon and vegetation glow. Naturally, it’s your job to photograph it.

Stay tuned for more details on New Pokemon Snap when it launches in April.


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