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New Human: Fall Flat Ice Level Available Today on Xbox One


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Tasmania, Australia

  • Ice is a brand-new (and free) Human: Fall Flat level that’s available right now on Xbox One
  • First ever winter-themed level for Human: Fall Flat
  • Can be played locally with two players, or with up to eight players online
Hi there, Xbox humans!

Thank you for all your support and feedback during the launch Human: Fall Flat’s last free content update, Steam. It’s been fantastic watching you all find creative ways to explore every nook and cranny of our new level. The team at No Brakes Games has loved all your feedback and been working hard to send even more content your way as soon as possible. And guess what? They’re ready to share it with you today. Hooray!

It’s time to grab a woolly hat and button up those coats. We’re excited to reveal that brand-new free Human: Fall Flat level, Ice, is available right now on Xbox One — just make sure you wrap up warm!

Ice is the first ever winter-themed level for Human: Fall Flat, a fresh dreamscape covered with snowy mountaintops and perilously slippy platforms. Elaborate wooden contraptions are scattered across the level, ready to help solve a selection of shiny new puzzles. Handy ice blocks can be stacked up to reach high up secrets, too – just don’t leave them in the sun too long.

As with every dreamscape in Human: Fall Flat, there really is no wrong way to play. Climb your way to the mountain’s peak and relax in an abandoned cabin — or just fling your friends from the top and watch them fall to their doom again and again. Whatever works!

Ice can be played locally with two players, or with up to eight humans online. We’ve had a brilliant time testing it out during development, and there are some lovely surprises hidden in its corners. Keep your ears open for a familiar sound floating around somewhere…

We can’t wait to hear what you think of new level, Ice. Download it now!

See you online, humans!

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