Minecraft Earth’s Early Access Launches Next Month


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Minecraft is probably the biggest game in the world (though that crown may be on Fortnite‘s head, there’s debate there). It’s gotten multiple updates and will probably run in some form or another until time ends. Like all popular brands, there’s also spinoffs coming and one of the more interesting ones is Minecraft Earth, and we’ll get an early access peek at that next month.

The game is an AR based mobile app that will help transform the whole world around you into Minecraft. While the features are somewhat limited compared to the main game, as you’d expect, it’s as close to Minecraft in real life that you’ll get without going out and just building something yourself. The game will have an early access period next month, which you can see the announcement trailer for below.

Minecraft Earth will launch sometime this year for iOS and Android mobile devices. The early access period will begin sometime next month, though as of now no official date has been announced.


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