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Metroid Dread Reveals Several New Locations and Enemies


In the newest volume of Metroid Dread Report, Nintendo talks about the various locations on Planet ZDR, as well as some of the enemies you'll run into.​

Nintendo has been consistently doling out new details on the upcoming Metroid Dread in the lead-up to its launch, and regular updates via Metroid Dread Reports have been one of the ways for them to do that. In the newest report in that series, they take a deep dive into Planet ZDR, talking about a few of the areas in the game’s world that players will be exploring, as well as the enemies you’ll be taking on while you’re there.

First, there’s Artaria, the lowest level of Planet ZDR, where Samus finds herself as the game begins. Artaria has low temperatures, and its top levels are covered in magma, which is the primary source of energy on the planet. The developers call it “a relatively large area”, though it will have several paths and doors that Samus won’t be able to access until later in the game. Some of the creatures you’ll encounter in Artaria are the Klaida (a four-legged creature that isn’t hostile, but does deal damage if you touch it), Ply (a small, agile flying creature that can be found in flocks, and follows Samus arounds and attacks with its spiked tail), and the Muzby (a large terrestrial creature with a thick skin that can soak up damage from weaker attacks).

The next area is Cataris, which is described as “the central system that manages the supply and circulation of energy-generating magma throughout the planet, which powers various facilities.” Magma is a common theme in this area, with many areas being too hot to be accessible without certain upgrades. Among the creatures Samus will face here, there will be the Vulkran (a small creature that sticks to walls and ceilings and can spit out magma), the Autclast (a highly advanced robot that can send out fire shockwaves), and the Obsydomithon (a rock-like creature that can transform and shoot charged attacks through terrain).

Then there’s Dairon, a biological research site crawling with robots made presumably using Chozo technology. Interestingly enough, the power is out in some parts of Dairon, making certain areas darker. Enemies here will be largely mechanical, including the Autsharp (which attacks with a strong, spinning energy blade), the Autsniper (a small sniper robot), and the Armadigger (a violent creature that can charge at Samus with great speed).

The next area is Burenia, a marine research site that has its bottom half entirely submerged in water, and full of aquatic creatures. Samus’ movement when underwater is hampered until you have certain upgrades equipped. Here, she’ll be taking on creatures such as the Batalloon (a small slow-moving creature that lives underwater), the Dizzean (jellyfish-like creatures that are weak on their own but tend to attack in large swarms), and the Slaaga (a large creature that shoots out acid).

Then there’s Ghavoran, an underground forest full of native flora and fauna, populated by creatures such as the Hecathon (an ancient flying creature that isn’t hostile by default, but will hit hard if you attack it first with a light that is “capable of decomposing other creatures”), the Yampa (a spider-like creature), and the Quetzoa (a flying insect-like creature that can move very fast and attack with great speed).

Finally, there’s Ferenia, the ancient ruins of a sanctuary that was once used in Chozo rituals. “Constructed objects and the natural world co-exist in the other areas, whereas the inside of Ferenia contains mostly buildings left behind by Chozo civilization,” the development team teases. Expect a lot of lore drops here.

Metroid Dread launches on October 8 for Nintendo Switch.

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