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Marvel’s Avengers Next-Gen Release Date Set for March 18, New Story Trailer Flies Out


While the big news for Marvel’s Avengers fans today is the release date for the Future Imperfect (featuring Hawkeye) content drop set for March 18, Crystal Dynamics has today announced the Marvel’s Avengers next-gen release date as well. and it’s also March 18!

In addition to the announcement, a new next-gen story trailer has been released as well.

Featuring upgraded visuals and framerate, haptic feedback for each hero, significantly faster load times, improved destruction and Heroic detail, Marvel’s Avengers on Next-Gen consoles is a redefined adventure. Available March 18, 2021!

As you can see above, Crystal Dynamics is touting faster load times, better visuals and frame rates, and even improved destruction and heroic details!

If you’ve been holding off on playing Marvel’s Avengers, now’s your chance to jump in with the next-gen versions!

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