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Mario Tennis Aces 3.0.0 Updates Brings Ring Shot Mode


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Tasmania, Australia

Today Nintendo released a new update, 3.0.0, for their latest entry in the Mario-inspired sports genre, Mario Tennis Aces. The update will include a new opening film that sees Wario and Waluigi getting into hijinks that end badly for them (which you can see below). Along with the goofy new opening the game will see a new mode, the Ring Shot mode, and a limited time event centered on the new mode, Yoshi’s Ring Shot.

Ring Shot is a new mode where the goal is to pass the ball through different colored rings. The limited event will run through June 1st. By passing the balls through rings, you can collect points which you can use to get Yoshis of different colors. These can then be used in Free Play or in tournaments.

Mario Tennis Aces is available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch


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