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Mario Kart Tour’s Second Multiplayer Test Will Be Open To Everyone


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Tasmania, Australia

Nintendo’s foray into mobile has been a slow, but steady, process. They eased into the space with multiple big name franchises and one of their biggest raced in near the end of last year with Mario Kart Tour. The game surpassed 123 million downloads quickly within its first month and has been steady ever since. Oddly, it didn’t launch with mulitplayer and got a multiplayer beta not long ago for those subscribing to the game’s Gold Pass. The second one is coming, but it’s not as exclusive.

As announced within the game, a second multiplayer beta is coming soon. Unfortunately, no dates were given but it was said this will be a more open affair. You won’t need to be subscribed to the Gold Pass. Unlike the last beta, you can also have the option to race others in your immediate vicinity.

Mario Kart Tour is available now to all compatible iOS and Android devices. Keep your eyes peeled for when the second multiplayer beta will begin.

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